SAFC 1 skunks 0

Saturday, June 12th, 2004. Kick off 6 p.m
Põlva Town Stadium, Estonia.

Match time: 2 times 25 minutes

SAFC Supprters Estonia/Finland 1 (0)
NUFC Supporters Estonia 0 (0)

Third match of Estonian/Finnish Sunderland supporters against skunks took place in Põlva, Estonia.

As two years ago two Finnish Lads — Sakari and Ismo — travelled to Estonia to play side by side with Estonian Mackems. But this time we also had some special force from England — Monk and Flick made a long trip from Sunderland to attend the match against Estonian Newcastle United supporters.

Both sides had a record number of players in their teams, so we had a chance to play 6+1 sides with several substitutions. Sadly, the Finnish NUFC Supporters were again too lazy to take part in this match but Estonian skunks had 12 players in their squad.

The match was best ever — best organisation, best attendance and best teams. Btw, SAFC team had the best ever manager as well — next to the field our game was supported by Sunderland AFC and Estonian team keeper Mart Poom. Before the match Mr Poom asked about our tactics and found that our tactical plan (genered by Flick) “Tackle-tackle-tackle-and-loooong-baaaallll” could work out fine. So it was.

Match was kicked off in front of more than 100 people… and Kosk… :) Kosk, who scored first ever goal for SAFC team two years ago was unable to play, because he twisted his knee badly few days before the match. But Sunderland team got his voice next to the pitch and his support was magnificent. At the beginning of the match the Sunderland side was a bit inconfident and already on the 2nd minute our 1st-half-keeper Monk moved out of the goal and made a bit tricky clearence to the foot of skunks striker, but luckily his shot missed goal nearly.

After this shot skunks had no more good chances to score, but still Monk had quite a lot of work at goal. Midfield was a battle area. Sakari was great in defence and started attacks. Mackems tried to send direct passes up front for Bruno, whose speed and sprinting ability is well known by both sides. But skunks defence caught Bruno almostly every time (ok, several times with wrestling-style tackles, but…) and when Bruno had opportunity to shoot to the goal, his shots were blocked by Geordies goalie, who did a good job at goal.

Ball possession in a first half was about 50/50, Mackems were more sharper, but the 2nd minute shot by skunks was best scoring chance of the first half.

After half time Mackems played first 5 minutes with Monk in a goal, but then he replaced positions with Tafka and moved to the pitch as a midfielder. During the second half Mackems created much more chances — Herki, Sakari and Bruno did a lot of work and Sunderland team had some good chances to score, but the skunks goalie was unbeatable so far. Suddenly, about 8 minutes before the final whistle, was our match visited by a streaker. Young naked lad, who is known by Estonian football fans as a Gaskoff, grabbed a ball, hit it to the Geordies goal, ran over the pitch (run included demivolt) and was congratulated by Sunderland supporters.

The match was coming to an end as a 0-0 draw, until finally 2 minutes before the final whistle Mackems got what they deserved. Bruno hit free kick straightly to Sakari, who was free and nicked the ball from 8 metres past the keeper, whose heroic jump didn’t save skunks from the reality — 1:0 to Mackems!!! After the goal celebrations there were another 2 minutes of rumble on a pitch, 30 seconds before final whistle Geordies shooted to the goal, Tafka made a save and skunks got corner kick, what was luckily kicked clear by Sunderland defenders. There it was! We beat them! We did it again!!! We always win 1:0! :)

After the match players moved to the pub where both sides SAFC and NUFC watched EURO 2004 first match Portugal vs Greece. Mart Poom and both teams got pennants remembering this fantastic event and everybody looked happy!… Well, at least Sunderland team was happy! :) After TV-matches Mackems moved out of Põlva to have their own private party with beer, champaigne, speeches, songs and sauna of course! :) Next year 2005 see you all in Finland!

Ha’way the lads!

SAFC Estonia-Finland-UK Squad: Sakari, Ismo, Flick, Monk, Indrek, Tafka, Herki, Bruno, Raul, Andi, (Kosk), aiFo.

SAFC goal: Sakari (49′)








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