…EasyJet flight and tons of fog


Tafka & aiFo arrived to Stansted international airport on December 22nd, few hours later than it was planned at first. But thank god and EasyJet pilots we finally did it!

We switched on our mobilephones and first message (after this traditional ‘welcome to Vodafone, my dear friend’ crap) was from Steve of JarrowBranch – ‘Pitch investigation at 5 o’clock’

Aye! Fog, fog everywhere. And in the middle of fog Stansted Express. After checking out that our British Rail Pass works fine at this train we had a wonderful trip to Liverpool Street station – enjoyed fog around us and some Estonian liqueur we had crabbed with us.

Great Eastern Street – our residence at our stay in London is about 10 minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. I got keys of this appartment last night in Estonia as friend of mine visited his family at christmas time in Estonia. His only comment was ‘This is the very last copy of keys, I’d like to find these keys from my letter box when I arrive to London. Really’

We left our backbags to the appartment and took a metro to the Victoria station where we had arranged a meeting with Steve in hope to get our match tickets. Steve said he is in Wetherspoon pub. We went to Wetherspoon in Victoria station, met few lads wearing red and white, asked about Steve, lads said ‘Haven’t met him today’

Finally we sorted out that Steve is in another Wetherspoon pub, about 150 metres from the first one. We met him, got our tickets and after few pints we left Victoria station.

I guess Thornton Heath was the station we arrived to enemy territory and moved to pub – Wetherspoon of course! Having few pints there we left the pub about 10 minutes before match kicked off at Selhurst Park.

Selhurst Park – what a stadium! Wooden seats, dust, dirt and fog. Arrgh! At least beer was available at matchtime. Sunderland supporters were quite noisy, but to be fair I hoped a bit more passion from the crowd. Anyway, they were far better than those folks who were at the stands next to us and tried to piss off us. ‘Your christmas tree is feckin’ shite’ was sang toward them and this became a crowd favourite song at this match.

Match itself was poor. Few chances, unfair goal and unluck. It took about one and half hours to get back to Great Eastern street. We were tired. A lot.



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