…Fish&Chips and Wembley Curtains

There was a plan to have some fish&chips in central London and visit British Museum. Fish&chips was nice (9 pounds + few beers £3 each), but British Museum was closed at christmas. Sad. But we had plan B. As Estonian national team will beat England in October 2007 at Wembley, we decided to check out how the stadium looks like.

Actually we were a bit shocked about surroundigs of Greatest Stadium of England. It was like a history trip back to soviet times in Estonia. Welcome to the Great Wembley Market!

There were few shops opened around Wembley Park station. We bought few beers and some food for the Christmas night and spent about one hour at pub next to station. And then back home!

Tafka made an excellent christmas meal, we had few beers, enjoyed what British TV had to offer us at christmas night(wrestling), played few games of table football (Tafka, bastard won almostly every single match) and made a casual discovery that we have no more beer in fridge.

But we had still few bottles of vodka available, originally brought from Estonia with us as a presents to our english friends… We made some tea, drank vodka, watched TV and went to sleep around 6 am next morning. What a wonderful christmas!


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