…Weston-super-Mare train and six-pack of Hoegaarden

Morning. Really? Ok, it’s noon. 12 o’clock at Travelodge. Tafka is lying at twin-bed as he was falling there last night, aiFo tries to wake up at coach. Finally he succeeds. Quick shower, coffee, waking up Tafka… We are ready to leave in amazing 30 minutes.

Sunderland mid-town. SAFC shop at Bridges, sports shop, book shop – quick overview, no shopping. Feeling isn’t the greatest… Tafka starts talking his story about finding his mojo. The main point is simple – 1 or 2 good English beers and mojo is coming on. The mojo-thing looks intresting, so we make a decision — no hurry to Birmingham, we are very sure that Flicky needs some time to make some work there. We start look for a suitable mojo-pub. And it’s quite a big task at 1.30 PM, because we are looking for THE mojo-pub, not any usual crappy café.

Finally we get one. Mojo-pub and 2 John Smiths. Sunderland Echo and looking for mojo.

Flicky sends message – where are you, when arriving to Birmingham? Errmmm… What can I say. You must work, Flicky, work, don’t worry, we’re on our way.

We take Metro to Newcastle, arrive railway station about 3 o’clock and ask from information desk for Birmingham trains. There is one leaving in 5 minutes time and second one leaving after 30 minutes. A bit too quick leaving. We choose one what leaves after 1 hour and move to Centurio’s.

Virgin’s train to Weston-super-Mare from Newcastle isn’t too crowded. We find free seats and enjoy our trip. Really comfortable. They sell even beer in Virgin trains!

We arrive to Birmingham and meet Flick. No Birmingham excursions, just lift to Worcester. First meeting with Tom-Tom lass. Who is she? Flicky’s wife? Nope. Tom-Tom is one smart but naive lass who lives at Flicky’s car windglass and teach you right way (or as she thinks) to home or pub or wherever you want. GPS rocks!

We moved to Flicky’s house in Worcester and met his family. Corinne, Flicky’s wife, had cooked excellent dinner. Flicky assisted dinner with few beers. He had just arrived from Continent, car loaded with Belgium beer. I think he was a really lucky man, because brave Estonians helped him to destroy most of this poison called light alcohol.

Evening at Worcester was perfect. There was an Estonian language lesson plus Estonian speaking competition (aiFo: Hey Flicky, say ‘kolm’. Flick: ‘Col-lom’. (Laugh)), music festival (Flicky’s daughter Katy played saxophone, aiFo acquainted cheesy side of Estonian folk music) and slideshow of Soviet radioactive waste landfill in Estonia. There was a bit discussion about Russians as well in certain reasons (Flicky: aiFo-lad, say ‘Russians’. aiFo: ‘Ruuuuusssians’. (Laugh)), few talk about cartoon army visit to Estonia last autumn and so on… Beer was good and about 1000 different Belgium, English, France etc cheese next to beer made it wonderful!

I can’t remember was it 3, or 4 or 5 AM when we finally went to sleep, but certainly it was late. Well spent time!


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