…Stray Cat and buckets of mixed drink

Sleeping is important because sleeping is the rest. Rest gives you the power to be ready for new challenges. My rest at Flicky’s house was absolutelly brilliant! I think it was a good idea to move Tafka to another (a bit less luxury) room to sleep. I had all of the big bed and all of it’s softness. Mmmm…

I woke up about 12 o’clock. It was great nice sunny day. Why not to have a breakfast. I jumped in to the kitchen like a duracell rabbit shouting as optimistic as possible GOOOD MOOORNING! Accidentally I met Corinne at the door. She was obviously forgotten our stay at her house, because her reaction was like she had seen a ghost.

After relaxing and having a laugh we had a breakfast. Excellent English breakfast!

After breakfast we had an excursion-tour in beautiful town called Worcester. Horse racing place, few bridges, muddy banks of Severn, view from 20 pound banknote, sleeping people on park benches, cathedral… Finally we made few shopping (some books, food stuff) and moved back to the Flicky’s house.

Hoegaarden-time! And preparations for night out in Birmingham. For Flicky and Corinne it meant changing clothes, for me and Tafka it was few more Hoegaardens. Anyway, after preparations and some eating (Flicky had cooked a soup!) we were ready to leave. At our way to Birmingham we picked up Ms Stray Cat who agreed to offer us her company.

In Birmingham was our main goal to have a dinner. Before dinner we had few drinks in pub called… Errmmm… Can’t remember. Maybe another Wetherspoon… But I remember they had Old Speckled Hen beer available and that’s what makes this pub great place to be.

After pub we moved to the area what could call Chinatown of Birmingham or so. Flicky guided us to one nice Chinese restaurant. We got dinner-package for 6. There was 5 of us ready to challenge with all the courses offered by restaurant. We were hungry, we were brave.

After second course we gave up. Those Chinese food-wizards had won. From this point we started to enjoy food. It means we selected only few pieces of hundred different foods to taste, no “clear the dish”-tactics anymore. Tafka got his lamb and was lucky with it. Btw, Tafka hates Chinese food, at least I believe he did to this moment he got his lamb. Everybody were happy. Happy, even if we were capable to eat about half of the food what was carried to the table by Chinese food-wizards.

We were in good mood leaving restaurant. Why not to spend some more time in this lovely town? Aye! We moved to one unregognisible cocktail-bar. Loud music, loud music, loud music! At least it wasn’t nightclub. It was possible to chat and have few drinks without fearing your brain jumping out through your ears because of music. Flicky bought round of Guinesses. Good for start.

Tafka was reading commercial-papers on a table. He found out that there are big jugs of cocktails available in bar and there is a campaign of cheap cocktails this night (big jug of cocktail £6 discounted from £9). Excellent! You can’t buy big jugs of cocktail in little village pubs in South-Eastern Estonia! We felt like hobbits in Bree at Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (They sell beer in pints!!!). We took few jugs and enjoyed the night.

There was a group of young people sitting around table next to ours. And one lass from this table was… ermm… she was a bit… or her dress was a bit… We tried to take a photo of THE dress of Mid-England. But you can’t step next table and ask ‘Hey Miss, can I take a shoot of your… erm’…After several photo shooting tricks was Flicky finally successful.

About 1 o’clock lights were put on and people left the place. So did we. We took few pictures in front of Arca’s house and moved back to Worcester. Successful night!



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