…Monk’s birthday and Midland’s football grounds

My second night in Worcester was even more comfortable than the first one. I was sleeping like a child. In the morning (ok, it was about 11am, but it was very much like morning to me) I recognised that Tafka hasn’t wake up yet, so I spent an hour reading bits of Niall Quinn’s Autobiography and decided to get one copy of it from some Sunderland bookstore.

Breakfast was excellent. Our hosts are one of the best breakfast-makers of the world. We enjoyed our breakfast and made preparations for heading up to Wearside. For me and Tafka it meant taking our bags to the car and grabbing six-pack of Hooegarden from freezer. For Flicky… He needed to catch all the christmas pesent stuff for his parents and family. And he got THE CAMERA. Corinne trusted Flick to take family camera with him, but also asked me and Tafka to have an eye on camera and Flicky. So you can imagine did we use every single free moment to ask from Flicky : ‘Hey Flicky! Is everything ok with the camera?!’.

We left Worcester, got hugs from Corinne and her promises to visit Estonia one day. Be sure Corinne, we’re waiting for you! And hopefully Katy is getting a piano for her musical ambitions, i posted it from Estonia few weeks ago :)

Before leaving Midlands we had a quick tour at local football grounds. We didn’t visit Birmingham stadium, but saw Villa Park and West Brom stadium. And all the time as we made curves between stadiums on our way to Wearside, Tom-Tom-lass was like out of her mind:’Turn right next exit… Right… Right… Right, feck! Rrright now!’ ‘No way’ said Flick and turned left. Tom-Tom-lass started another calculating. ‘Okay, boys, next exit right is your last chance!’ ‘Aye’ said Flick and turned nowhere ‘Villa Park at right’…

December 29th is an important date. It’s Andy Fury’s birthday. We had brought bottle of vodka for him as a birthday present but sadly it was dissapeared at our christmas celebrations in London. Anyway we were ready to meet Mr Monk same night. Flick had conversation with Andy at our ride to Sunderland and announced a meeting for 10 o’clock in Sunderland mid-town pub. Where? In Wetherspoon of course!

But before our raid to midtown we moved to Flicky’s parents house. It was place where we spent a night as well. Flicky’s brother was visiting parents with his family, so because of two Estonians it was quite over-crowded place this night.

We had dinner. Flicky’s mom had cooked spaghetti. Lovely dinner. AiFo chatted with Flicky’s father about Estonian oilshale mines. There was a Brum match on TV, checked it a bit. And then it was time to move to town and meet Mr Nude Monk himself.

Sunderland welcomed us with heavy rain. We jumped off the car and ran to the pub. Time was about 10 PM. Few beers and no Monk. But there was lot of intelligent talk and gifts even without birthday-boy. Tafka was delighted, made few speeches, nominated Fllicky as a top lad and gave away his Estonia-England football match ticket. Flick was even luckier, because gift included South-Eastern-Estonia holiday-packet with 3 different sauna-visits and ‘choose out-kill-eat’ dinner in one of the biggest farms in South Estonia.

It was clearly over 11 o’clock when they finally arrived – Mr Monk and Mrs Monk. Monk bought round of beers, coca-cola for Flick (he was driving) and celebrations started!

About 1 hour later and we left Wetherspoon and moved back to Flicky’s parents house to have some rest. Nothing to worry about. We had the camera! Bring on Preston!!!





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