…Too much beer plus few extra beers

Morning was sunny and we were touring around Sunderland with Flick. Flick had hundred things to deal with –make phone calls, meet people, swap home techique… Finally we reached to Colliery Tavern where we met Steve of Jarrow Branch (Flick got his match tickets), Randle and Luke (aiFo and Tafka got their season tickets). Our meeting with Randle and Luke was really short one – they just gave their tickets, said ‘see you in Leicester’ and left. No calculations in style ‘Is it really a good idea to leave my ticket for some guy from the street, specially in case this ticket has still some value for another 4 months’. Nothing like this! Top lads!

As Flick planned to leave Sunderland after the match we had arranged a place to stay another 2 days (as several times before) to Neil’s flat. Flick gave us lift to Belle Vue street. We had plans to move quickly to Deaf Club, but Neil welcomed us with beers… so we stayed there for half an hour.

At Deaf Club I had quickly 3 beers and set myself ready for leaving to the stadium. But there was Manuel who bought me a beer and then arrived Flick and somehow somebody equipped me with another 2 beers. So there was a situation that I have had 7 beers in short time and time was still 2.45 PM. Things were getting bad…

Thankfully I didn’t had chance to drink beer at stadium, as we arrived to the stadium for ‘Dance of the Knights’ and at half-time I met Big John Bryant, who I haven’t seen about 3 years. Anyway, lack of beers for 2 hours probably saved me.

About Preston match? Eh, we were poor. Boring match with only few bright moments. I left the stadium in hope that SAFC team will make some changes in their gameplan for Leicester match… And changes were made! But I think that nobody belived that these changes could turn Sunderland not to lose a single league match in 3 months time! Amazing!

But back to this night, December 30th, 2006. I left SOL in bad mood, bought burger and walked to Deaf Club to meet some lads. At first, only lad I recognised was Tafka. He bought few rounds of beers and we discussed a bit about match. Deaf Club was quite empty.

Next to our table there was sitting a couple. Crammers from MackemBoozer board (as I belive he introduced himself) had made even more crazy trip than us. He had flied to Wearside from America, just for two matches. At christmas time! O tempero o mores…

Crammers bought round of beers, we chatted a bit, made a picture and then Tafka and aiFo left Deaf Club, as Neil was waiting for us at Museum Vaults.

At Vaults we had beer or 2 (who can remember :) ) and then moved to Indian restaurant for dinner. Dinner was excellent, but aiFo overrated his readiness for spices. Heroically he ate about half of his dinner (it needed 2 beers to neutralize the fire in mouth) and then he was more than ready moving back to Museum Vaults.

At Museum Vaults it was really quiet. Neil and aiFo didn’t waste time and started debate about Estonian politics. Tafka was quiet most of time, so his main part of this debate was bringing drinks from bar to the table. As usually in this kind of talks there was no solution, Neil and aiFo finally got tired of arguing and found other targets for chatting from the pub. Thankfully there were few people coming to the Museum Vaults for this time. Lot of great people!

It was crazy night! Lot of crazy people and crazy events. I remember one lad who was ready to send his son to protect Estonia if Russia attacks us (‘But what, if he doesn’t want to fight in war for Estonia?’ I asked. ‘No chance for him! It’s decided!’ said old lad). I remember Philippinean lad who was upset because everybody called him Palestinean. We had a good laugh. Probably lot of (why not most of ) jokes were made about us, but who cares! Can’t remember how many beers i had (full number for a day was at least 20 I guess), but it was very much of beer…




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