…Quinny’s book and New Year

Alarm clock started ringing. 10’o clock! Feck! Need to wake up. Neil said he need to visit his parents for Sunday lunch, so for us it means another city tour in Sunderland or staying at home until he arrives. Last night I had chosen city tour – what a hell was in my head then?! Too much beer probably?… Aye, now I can feel it! My head! And my throat feels like in desert. And I’m pretty sure that some beer-monster has used my mouth as a toilet while I was asleep! All this mixed with tiredness… Arrgh! Thankfully it looks like I’m still a bit drunk. What means… It means worst is still coming. That’s it! I need to start fighting against it!

Neil was in kitchen making breakfast. Tafka woke up (he’s joking: Mojo’s gone…). His feeling looks to be even worse than mine (Thank god!). Eating. Breakfast made feeling a bit more comfortable. Ok, to the town, before it’s too late! We need to find a Mojo as soon as possible!

There was one nice pub next to Bridges centre what was fit to our plans wonderfully! 2 John Smiths and we were almostly back on the track. What next? Shopping!

First place – bookstore. Niall Quinn’s Autobiography (sadly only paperpack was available) and Gaiman’s American Gods (for my girl). Tafka made also some shopping, but his choices were probably leaded by his Mojo. He bought one book what was dealing with problems like ‘why cows can’t climb on a trees’ etc. ‘You bought last copy of Quinny’s book, so this one is the second best’ said Tafka (or maybe it was said by his Mojo).

SAFC club shop. Few necessary and unnecessary shoppings. Sadly there was no SAFC football socks available, what made us a bit sad (So, if anybody want to make us happy, please send us some socks :) , there is a lack of quality football playing equipment in Estonian sports stores, if you don’t belive ask Flicky!)

I got phone call from Steve of JarrowBranch. He said our places in bus to Leicester are confirmed. Our only problem was now how to get to Jarrow 7 o’clock in the morning. I put my hopes on Neil’s car.

Last stop at Bridges before refreshing our Mojo in pub was supermarket. The big question: how much English beer we need to take to Estonia. I bought 15 cans, Tafka took 26. Later back at Neil’s flat was clear that I was the smart one, ‘cause Tafka’s backbag is made only for 18 beers and no single more!

We left pub around 4 o’clock and returned flat. For dinner we had fish&chips what was good choice. Neil wasn’t too excited about my plans connecting next morning with his car, but finally he agreed. We decided to welcome New Year at Museum Vaults and then return home. Anyway it looked like there is no chance to get good Mojo this night, as we were too tired. Good for us because we needed to wake up early next morning.

But things went a bit different way. We were at Museum Vaults after 9 PM. Neil didn’t feel himself fine, so he returned home to join us later. Tafka and aiFo had few drinks. Belive me or not, but after 3 beers was mojo back! Bigger than ever! At 10 o’clock there was a New Year arrived to Estonia and Finland, we sent few messages, had few phone calls and enjoyed our Mojo, first time with full heart this day.

When Neil came back he found us delighted and drunk. This night in Museum Vaults turned crazier than ever! Tafka was very intrested about from where this fine ale comes from. So bar stuff organised us excursion to cellar of the pub. There was several drinks ‘on a house’, lot of happy people. I belive that New Year as it arrived was very surprised about the world it just entered. Lot of happy people, what a wonderful place!

Troubles started when Neil tried to guide us home. Finally was aiFo ready to go home, but Tafka had a different idea. He had made arrangements with Sara and Lee that he can stay this night in their place. ‘C’mon you just take my stuff from Neil’s flat and collect me from Sara’s flat’ he said. We disagreed. Finally we almostly got him out of the pub, but Tafka explained he had just ordered few beers… So we stayed for another half an hour. Neil wasn’t happiest man in the world, I guess.

Finally we were at home and went to sleep. What time it was? No idea. 3 o’clock probably. We slept like dead.

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