…Safe travel back to home and a Wonderful Season


Woke up around 4 am. Check-in was already opened, we got our tickets to the group ‘B’. Tallinn flight was leaving about 6-and-something-am, so we had some time to have a breakfast. AiFo had also one last beer, what was actually really nice, made feeling better.

We arrived to Tallinn at noon. Tired, but happy. 4 successful games – 2 wins, 2 defeats, met a lot of nice people, drank a lot of good beers – excellent!

We turned back to normal life, back to the routine. But still listened every single SAFC match from Metro FM and when possible enjoyed Keano’s revolution from TV – games like win against Southampton and other pieces of art made us proud!

Sunderland won the Championship, we were ready for Premier League again!


It was nice summerday of 2007 when 2007/08 fixture list got available. I was at Tafka’s house and we were both nailed to the screen of fixtures. Fixture list wasn’t too suitable for travelling from Estonia. Suddenly Tafka started to laugh.

- Hey, look at Christmas!
There it was:

December 22, Reading away
December 26, ManU at home
December 29, Bolton at home
January 01, Blackburn away

Excellent schedule if you are travelling through London to the north and back down again – 4 matches in 12 days! Yeah, excellent if you are dumb enough to trust English transport system at holidays. Thanks, but no thanks!

But… Who knows, there is still few months to go. I mean 4 Premiership matches in 12 days – that must be wonderful!!! :)

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